Room 8

Goethe's artist friends Tischbein and Hackert

View towards Tischbein's "The Strength of the Man"
and the idyllic landscapes of Jakob Philipp Hackert


When Goethe goes to Rome Tischbein takes him into his lodgings on the Corso; and it is not long before the portrait is painted which becomes an icon of this prince among poets: enveloped in a white cloak, he reclines against a fallen obelisk and looks at the ruins of the Campagna di Roma (copy by K. Bennert, original in the Städelschen Kunstinstitut). At the same time Tischbein is painting his allegorical composition "The Strength of the Man", which depicts man as ruler of all creation.

In Naples Goethe gets to know the then highly-regarded landscape painter Hackert, whose "unbelievable mastery…in reproducing nature" he admires, and whose drawing technique he tries to imitate.



Bennert after Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein:
Goethe in the Campagna


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