Room 6

Rome - "the world's academy"


Juno Ludovisi and Maron's Winckelmann-portrait in Room 6


Goethe travels through Italy as painter "Filippo Miller" in the footsteps of Winckelmann (portrait by A. von Maron) and, like him, finds there a new art ideal – antiquity. The "noble simplicity" and "quiet grandeur" that Winckelmann ascribes to the art of the ancient world becomes the model for Goethe's Classicism too.



Angelika Kauffmann:
Portrait of a Young Woman

He sees this ideal embodied in the monumental bust of Juno Ludovisi, his "first Roman love affair". Angelika Kauffmann, whose friendship Goethe wins in Rome, comes to prominence through her sensitive interpretation of Classicism; this earns her the nickname "painter of the graces".


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