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Changing styles

Christian Georg Schütz d. Ä.: Blick auf Pyrmont, 1774


Towards the end of the 18th century the courtly character of Rococo art is eclipsed by the bourgeois-driven trends of the Enlightenment and Sentimentality. Amid the excitement of Sturm und Drang Goethe turns his polemic against the overrefined world of the art of "painted dolls" and all the artificiality of the Rococo culture.



Johann Heinrich Tischbein d. Ä.:

Die Töchter im türischen Gewand,

nach 1780

He calls for naturalness, sentiment and integrity. He perceives the early stages of these qualities in the works of the Dutch artists and their Frankfurt adherents (landscapes by C. G. Schütz the Elder; on loan from the Adolf and Luisa Haeser-Foundation).


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