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Romantic landscape painters

Caspar David Friedrich: The Evening Star, um 1830


Goethe's feelings about Romantic art are ambivalent. This is seen in his attitude to Caspar David Friedrich, fluctuating between enthusiasm and disapproval. Three atmospheric landscapes by Friedrich, possibly the most famous of the Romantic painters, can be seen: "The Evening Star", "Swans in the Reeds" and "Willow Bush under a Setting Sun".


aspar David Friedrich:
Willow Bush under a Setting Sun,
c. 1832/35

Friedrich's maxims are: "A picture must not be made, but experienced", and "The painter should paint not only what he sees before him, but also what he sees in himself". His pupil is C. G. Carus, who, with his scientifically-based theory of "Erdlebenbild" ("living earth image"), is more in line with Goethe's ideas.


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