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Clemens Brentano, Bettine and Achim von Arnim

Peter Eduard Ströhling: Achim von Arnim, 1804


The Freies Deutsches Hochstift collections also include art of the Romantic period, with special emphasis on the Brentanos, a Frankfurt family originally from Lake Como (portraits, e.g. Goethe's friend Maximiliane Brentano and her mother, the writer Sophie von la Roche).


Anton Wilhelm Tischbein:
The La Roche Family, um 1773/74

Clemens Brentano and his friend Achim von Arnim, who together published "Des Knaben Wunderhorn" (Youth's Magic Horn), an edited collection of old German songs, are two of the best-known poets of German Romanticism. Brentano's sister Bettine, who is married to Arnim, becomes known as a versatile artist and fervent admirer of Goethe. The portrait of her in old age by C. J. Arnold shows her in her Berlin salon in front of her design for a Goethe memorial.


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