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Frankfurt art in the Age of Goethe

Justus Juncker: Besuch im Atelier des Malers, 1754


At a young age Goethe gets to know the Frankfurt painters, whose works his father collects. He is forever in and out of the studios of these Late Baroque artists working in the Dutch style. The self-portrait by Trautmann, "who took Rembrandt as a model", gives a good idea of their works.



Johann Georg Trautmann:
Self-portrait, 1752

The "Morgenstern Cabinet of Miniatures", with its meticulously scaled-down copies that three generations of the artist family Morgenstern made of paintings in Frankfurt collections, is described by Goethe in 1814 as a "family altarpiece" of art (on loan from Bethmann Brothers Bank, Frankfurt am Main).


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