The Goethe Museum can be reached by taking the stairs or the lift in the wing next to the Goethe House. It is not a literary museum in the usual sense of the term – instead, the fourteen rooms offer you a journey through the art of the Age of Goethe. Goethe, himself an artist and collector, attaches great importance to fine art throughout his life. In his poetry, too, it plays a major role – "for what would the world be without art".



Room 01:   Frankfurt art in the Age of Goethe

Room 02:   Changing styles

Room 03:   Henry Fuseli: tales told anew

Room 04:   Anton Graff: portrait painter of his time

Room 05:   Goethe's early Weimar years

Room 06:   Rome - "the world's academy"

Room 07:    "I too in Arcadia"

Room 08:    Goethe's artist friends Tischbein and Hackert

Room 09:    Classical Weimar

Room 10:    Johann Gottfried Herder

Room 11:    Clemens Brentano, Bettine and Achim von Arnim

Room 12:    Romantic landscape painters

Room 13:    Inside German Romanticism

Room 14:    Goethe: the monument


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