Writing Room


The Writing Room


This was Goethe's domain. It was here – mostly at the high desk – that he wrote his early works: poems, plays ("Götz", "Clavigo", the first version of "Faust"), lyrical dramas, satires, the novel "The Sorrows of Young Werther" and many others.

The prototype of Werther's "Lotte" is evoked by the silhouette of Lotte Buff from Wetzlar (next to the door).

Further silhouettes portray friends, including the Stolberg brothers and their sister Auguste. The plaster casts of Laocoon and a Niobe testify to Goethe's interest in the ancient world. The walls are adorned with his drawings, among them sketches of his room and a portrait of Cornelia on a page proof of "Götz".


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